Sunday, January 23, 2011


A sad farewell as Sen. Joseph Lieberman has announced his retirement from the Senate. Personally hand picked as Al Gore's running mate in 2000, Lieberman became more of a 'thorn in the side' of the outgoing Bill Clinton than to Republicans in that election. You see, it was the courageous Lieberman who railed against the sexual proclivities of Bill on the senate floor as he turned our 'sacred' national White House into 'Hot L Baltimore'.  Just the act of nominating Joe was a similarly courageous act by Gore. For it constituted a sizable slap in the face of his former 'boss'; a personal repudiation for Clinton's hormonal driven behavior. As for Lieberman, he will be remembered for his stalwart support of Israel and for 'definiantly' supporting John McCain in 2008 and Bush's incursions in the Middle East. For those acts the left would never forgive the good senator ..let alone forget. With all that said, He was still a reliable dem supporting his party line 80% of the time. That's wasn't enough for hard line lefties who have shown the donkey, at times, will eat their own.TA

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